Level 0 Hybrid Carbon Footprints

Level 0 - Artificial Intelligence classified products with Input Output carbon footprints

Used for Organisation green analysis - GreenInsight

Level 0 footprints are used for large scale analysis, and are based on Co2Analysis's Artificial Intelligence either matching or classifying the item.

e.g. Working out the carbon footprint of an NHS Trust.  

The first stage is a run of SpendInsight.  SpendInsight (Artificial Intelligence Spend Analysis) automatically runs through all of the Trust's purchases and invoice data, and finds out all the products that are purchases, most products are exactly matched to other products that already exist on the system, where a product is not exactly matched then the item is classified to e2class.

The e2class database contains all the items that have been previously classified, and those items that have only had an Artificial Intelligence analysis are used to create Level 0 carbon footprints.

The level 0 carbon footprints are used to fill in the gaps and provide an overall analysis for those items that do not have level 1 or higher carbon footprints.